I feel amazing. I just feel like twirling around, dancing, laughing, singing... <3

-moar twirling-

It's like this Nickelback song that I've been listening to on repeat,

Somethin's gotta go wrong, cause I'm feeling too damn good~

But for now, I'm content to just be happy. And to twirl.
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Writer's Block: Time after time

If you fall in love with a book or movie, do you tend to watch/read it again and again? If so, what's your upper limit on repeats?

Yes. I will reread it (mostly my favorite parts) like, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. There is no limit.

Like Last Sacrifice (OMGITSFUCKINGAMAZING) which I got on Saturday and started/finished on Sunday, I'm probably going to reread it several more times after DeeDee's finished reading it.

And expect much gushing about it. Lots and lots and lots because it's fucking amazing, and beautiful, and tearjerking, and gah.

Writer's Block: Dream or Reality?

What do you think really happened at the end of the movie Inception? Have you ever had a dream that you confused with reality?

Well. I haven't seen Inception yet, but this morning, I fell asleep on the ride to school like always. So, our dad starts talking to us, despite the fact that we are asleep and I jerk awake, thinking that I overslept, and it took me a couple moments to realize, no, I was not in my bed, we were in the car.

But yea. I confuse dreams and reality a lot, especially when a. I don't remember this happening, or b. it's a vivid dream. The night before last, I forgot to set our alarm, so it never went off. Appearently our dad came down to wake us up like he always does when our alarm is a bitch, but  I... didn't wake up? I don't know. All I know, is that I went to bed with the alarm set for 4:50 (had to get to school a couple minutes early) and woke up at 5:25 with DeeDee not in her bed. I was so confused. 0.o

And on a completely unrelated note, the detect button thing works hella good. It's creepy.

Susceptable to Laughing

So, you know how some people have an 'infectious laugh' and you just can't help but laugh when they do?

I'm the opposite way 'round. If someone else is laughing near me, I will laugh. 

Today in English we were reading our character sketches outloud, and I did mine on Kira from We the Living. And so I had to pronounce all those crazy long Russian names. Because everything in Russia is long. ;)

And I think I did a pretty good job on it too. Like, I whipped right through that thing, and didn't stumble once. Kira Alexandrovna Argounova. Yup. I owned.

Anywayyyyyy... when I was to the part about Andrei killing himself because Kira used him, and I think I heard this guy laugh. So I kinda did a funky little giggle-but-keep-reading-thing, so I stumbled over a couple words.

So, essentially it looked like I giggled over Andrei killing himself. WHICH I DID NOT, BECAUSE I WAS DEVASTATED WHEN HE DID. RIP ANDREI <3.


Writer's Block: Stay Fashionable in Winter Weather

When it’s cold, wet, or snowy, how do you stay fashionable?

With my kick-ass furry boots, my jeans, and a sweatshirt. Switch the jeans for another pair, ditto to the boots and sweatshirt, and you have my entire winter wardrobe right there.

Really, you should just be thankful I even get dressed in the morning. :P